Former Co-Stars of Bob Saget Pay Tribute to His Shocking Death

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Announced yesterday, the comedian and Full House star Bob Saget was announced dead at age 65. This came as a shock to many, since he was young and believed to be in good health. Many on Twitter began to mourn his absence, deeming him “America’s father” after his role as Danny Tanner on the popular show Full House. However, not only did those who watched him on the show pay respects online, many of his former co-hosts paid their tributes as well.

A few of the tributes

As mentioned, many on Twitter came to mourn Bob Saget after his passing was announced. However, many Hollywood stars also posted their condolences and sadness, coming from both who worked with him or had never worked with him. Pete Davidson, who does not have social media, wrote that Saget was “one of the nicest men on the planet.” He wrote that when he was younger and through when they were friends, Saget was there to help him through difficult times.

Candace Bure, who played Bob Saget’s TV daughter in the show, wrote on Twitter that “Bob was one of the best human beings I’ve ever known in my life. I loved him so much.” John Stamos, who played Jesse, wrote that he “will never ever have another friend like him.”

Not only were many reflecting Saget’s time on Full House, but many also discussed when he hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos, where he brought millions of laughs as many watched embarrassing amateur videos sent in from audience members.


With Betty White’s death occuring only a little before, many are even more upset since Saget wrote a touching tribute to White, where now many are saying the same about his passing.

Overall, Bob Saget was well loved and appreciated not only by Hollywood stars who worked with him side by side but also by strangers who never met him, but he still brought a smile to their faces.


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