Fox News Will Not Carry the January 6 Hearings Live

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The lawmakers investigating the Capitol riots on January 6 decided to hold the first public hearing about the riots at 8 P.M in order to gain as much attention as possible from American citizens. They hope by broadcasting the event, more Americans will be at home and will be available to watch the hearing and understand how the attack happened and why. So, while news channels like ABC and NBC will air the hearing, Fox News will carry their content as normal, opting to use Fox Business to cover the hearing live.


Despite being the nation’s top cable news channel, they will not be carrying the hearings live, but instead, the hosts will discuss the hearing “as news warrants.” Some Republicans believe these hearings operate as entertainment or aim to increase their voting for the midterm elections, which happen now. Sean Hannity, a political commentator and host on the news channel, commented “You will not hear the real story of January 6 anywhere, I don’t think, except here.” Many believe that Fox News will not be airing the hearing as they might not want to make it a big deal, while other news broadcasters cover it due to believing the capital riots are a big deal and should be understood as such.

A journalist online, Michael Calderone, wrote “Says a lot about Fox News’s priorities that the network has decided to air Tucker Carlson’s show instead of a bipartisan Congressional hearing on the Jan 6 attack, a violent attempt to stop the certification of a free and fair election.” Some believed that the channel chooses not to show the hearing as a risk of showing the footage or images behind what happened in the capital on January six when some people tried to downplay what happened.


The hearing will take place on Thursday, but many expect that there will be several more to come.

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