Frustrated Netflix Employees Shared Why They Were Angry On Twitter After Being Laid Off

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After it came out that Netflix was losing subscriptions for the first time in decades, and expected to lose two million more, many were unsurprised to see that the layoffs were beginning. But, many frustrated Netflix employees took to Twitter to explain exactly why they were upset. Many of those who had been let go was working for Tudum, an entertainment site for the company. Not only that, but they shared that they were actively recruited from their already existing jobs as journalists to come work at Netflix. They also felt that Netflix had prioritized recruiting POC but was now letting them all go, and many felt that they had the rug pulled out beneath them. “It is worth mentioning that Netflix actively recruited Black women and people of color just to lay them off MONTHS later without a second thought. Don’t brag about being inclusive when you treat your “diversity” hires like they are disposable” wrote one person on Twitter.

Now, many of the employees are feeling scammed. Some left secure, full-time jobs for the opportunity, while some people actually moved states. The layoffs come only four months after the launch of the site. Unfortunately, layoffs within media, but many are wondering why layoffs like this continue to be normalized. And, with the raising of prices from Netflix, many also feel as if the company is being greedy. According to Insiderone writer said that “We were sold this false fantasy.”

Many of the writers took to Twitter to announce that they would now be looking for work but also continued to stress the fact that they were “aggressively” recruited away from their previous jobs. Now, looking back, many said that there was never a clear vision from Netflix for what Tudum would look like, despite being recruited for Tudum specifically. “Literally evil of Netflix to hire up the most marginalized workers in media, offer nuts amounts of money that’s hard to refuse, and then lay them all off. trust no media company” wrote one person on Twitter.


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