Gadgets and Products You Should Try In 2021

We might buy a few of these
By Andy Lalwani
Photo: @benceboros

This is turning out to be a great year for many gadgets and personal products that have been around for a while. Recent advances in technology, science, and medicine have turned a few of the more mundane items like door locks into true wonders of the commercial world. Whether you’re wanting to find a new home, a high-tech vaporizer, the best in home medical equipment, or something else, there’s a product on the following list for you.


Vaping devices have been getting better and more sophisticated every year, but since about 2015, advances in the product segment have been truly astounding. For many owners of early devices, temperature control was a big problem. Fortunately, it’s not an issue with newer offerings, like the Volcano Classic Vaporizer, which maintains totally consistent temperature during the vaporization process. When you shop for vaping devices online, try to narrow your searches down to ones that offer temperature regulation, because many older, low-end products do not. Additionally, look for products that are well-reviewed by consumers and are sold by companies that have a solid reputation in the industry.


Not long ago, pedometers were clunky, highly inaccurate gadgets used by walkers and runners to tally their steps. In the past few years, the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Today’s units are extremely sensitive to motion and never miss a step when counting your paces during a workout session of daily stroll. No matter how light footed you are, a quality pedometer will record each foot-strike and show you the grand total at the end of your walk or run. Demand for step counters has really taken off since the worldwide craze of 10,000 steps a day became a fitness fad several years ago. The trend that began in Japan in the 1990s has finally gone mainstream. Some of the latest products are worn like watches or ankle bracelets, run on button batteries, and come packed with extra features.

Try changing up your workout habits with pedometers to keep track of your health. Photo: Artur Łuczka

At-Home Blood Tests

Even before the rise of telehealth during the early days of the COVID plague, there were a few at-home blood testing kits on the market. But since mid-2020, the market has exploded. Consumers can now order kits for hundreds of common and not-so-common tests and get results emailed back in a matter of days. On the down side, prices can be hefty even the most common tests, and without professional guidance people can easily misinterpret the statistical results charts. Benefits include having a fast, accurate, inexpensive way to screen for dozens of common conditions. That is, provided you show and discuss results with your doctor and follow any advice given.

House Hunting Apps

If you ever dreaded shopping for a new house, some of the better apps will quickly change your attitude. There are free and retail products, with most of the low-cost retail versions being among the best of the best. The standard versions simply ask you a series of questions about your preferences, income, and credit scores. Then, they scan online listings from hundreds of sources to create a list that fits your criteria exactly.