Gen-Z is Opting to Live in Home Depot Sheds in Viral TikTok

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Image: @marceleeeeooo and @langfordtreecare | TikTok

In a viral TikTok posted by @marceleeeeooo or just Marcel, he shares that you can buy a shed at Home Depot that some people then convert into a tiny home. Another creator then responded to the video, showing that he had done this and transformed the shed into a tiny home. Although tiny homes have been a recent trend, often showcased on television shows like “Tiny Home Nation,” others discussed in the comments how this represents a more prominent issue among millennials and Gen-Z.


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Non-traditional living, like living in tiny homes or converted school buses, emerged recently and fascinated viewers, especially as they promote creativity and are environmentally friendly. But, with the recent housing crisis, some wonder if this option represents more than just a non-traditional option. A study in 2019 found that 70% of millennials are renting instead of buying because “they cannot afford to buy. So, it makes sense that a cheaper option entices those struggling to settle down in a house. Although apartments are always an option, renting is becoming increasingly expensive. “As good as this sounds for some. It’s sad that millennials and Gen Z are looking to live in sheds, as an alternative. We need serious change,” one person noted. 


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In the comments, some viewers were a little suspicious. “No electrical. Insulation or drywall. It’s just a shell,” one person commented. But, Robert, a creator who showed off how his Home Depot shed worked out for him, posted a tour and how he decorated it. “Better than paying 300k for a house not much bigger,” one person noted. So, although buying a shed might require more work than a conventional home, it seems that hiring housespec builders to turn a shed into a functional home might be cheaper than a down payment for traditional homes.


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According to a follow-up post, Robert confirmed that it cost 50 thousand dollars total. If you have land to place a tiny home, it might seem like the perfect way to go. With rising inflation and rent prices, it seems like Gen-Z and Millenials are eyeing nontraditional homes instead.


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