Getting a Forex License in Mauritius and the Main Benefits It Provides

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Getting your Forex license in Mauritius makes sense because of the jurisdiction’s broad applicability to business types. In addition to registering a company, you may also get a broker’s license and a bank account there. A positive outcome from tax optimization may have material advantages.

The Benefits of Obtaining a License

In 2023, acquiring a forex license Mauritius will bring with it a number of advantages. Since there is a warm reception for company owners and investors, setting up shop on the territory is a breeze. The territory’s governance and economy are both sound.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • Possibility of ownership of the corporation by non-U.S. citizens;
  • Minimum corporation tax;
  • Lack of authority over the money;
  • The finalization of agreements to prevent double taxation;
  • The comprehensive scope of available financial services

There are several international banks and other financial organizations present there. An individual or corporation may open a checking, savings, or investment account. If you need help establishing an account, please get in touch with Fintech Harbor Consulting specialists.

Types of Documents

A large part of the appeal of Mauritius for international investors is that the country has very low tax rates. The first thing prospective licensee has to do is get their hands on their GBL1 papers.

A business needs this authorization in order to accept foreign currency payments and make cash collections. Employment documentation from outside the nation is required for registration. Brokers will be free to operate under a wider variety of authorizations after that point.

You have been approved to give investment advice, manage client portfolios, trade securities on their behalf, and execute securities transactions on their behalf.


If you have a dealer license, you may act as an investment advisor to customers and manage their portfolios, in addition to trading securities as a principal. Order execution, portfolio management, and advice offered are all services that clients can expect from a broker who has received investment dealer clearance.

Why does Mauritius provide so many licenses to conduct foreign exchange business?

According to numerous licensees, the government provides favorable circumstances for financial technology firms. The government does all it can to encourage the arrival of multinational corporations and foreign investors. Many business owners decide to launch their international operations in this country since its laws are easy to understand and its requirements for applicants are straightforward to fulfill.

How much money it will take to acquire a Forex license in Mauritius?

Two directors with financial expertise and two directors with territorial residency are required for a company to issue licenses. It’s mandatory to provide financial statements, have them audited, and file any necessary paperwork. You will need both a physical presence and a local bank account.

Include a biography and any relevant documentation (such as bank statements, references, and government-issued IDs) to substantiate your application. Companies are required to provide some information to the public, including information about their board of directors, their registration information, and their annual and quarterly financial reports. There also has to be a plan in place for growing the business. More documents may be required by the regulatory authority.

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