Girl, 11, Visited by Drake Whilst She Awaits Heart Transplant

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11-year-old Sofia Sanchez, posted a video of her doing the infamous ‘In My Feelings‘ challenge, with hopes that her idol, Drake, would see the video and meet the little girl before her birthday. Sofia is a heart patient, who has been awaiting a heart transplant, and unfortunately would be in hospital on her birthday because of this.

During the video, Sofia mentions that she’s recently had surgery on her heart to help it pump. She goes on to mention how she loves his music and that her only wish is to meet him, so that he could cheer her up for her birthday. Sofia’s mom also added that not only does her daughter love ‘In My Feelings’, she also loves Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’, as it helps her to remember that God has a plan for her as well.

People across social media saw the video of Sofia and did all they could to share the video with the hopes that it would reach Drake.

Luckily, Drake came across the video from one of his biggest fans, and decided to grant Sofia’s wish, by surprising her in the hospital on her birthday. Not only did Sofia love her birthday surprise, but so did the Twitter community. Sofia’s smile brightened up so many people’s day, even Drake’s, as he’s pictured laughing away with Sofia…


Sofia looked so shocked as he walked into the room and you can tell that she was completely lost for words with excitement. If you didn’t think that it could get any cuter, Drake mentions that he actually cancelled a tour date, just so that he could meet her on her birthday!


Drake definitely gave her the best birthday present, and we’re sure it’s a birthday Sofia will never forget. Happy Birthday, Sofia!

Do you think Drake was really sweet by visiting Sofia? Do you think this is a birthday she’ll always remember? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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