Glenn Close Didn’t Win An Oscar AGAIN, But Left Her Mark With Her “Da Butt” Dance Moves

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Glenn Close, the eight time Academy Award nominee with yet no wins! This makes her the most Oscar-nominated female actress with absolutely zero triumphs on her back. People often describe her as a “national treasure”, for her versatility and incredible talent, but on Sunday she gave us another reason to love her.

Actor and comedian Lil Rel Howery quizzed attendees during a part of the show regarding Oscar-nominated songs in a game called, name-that-tune. Close immediately identified the song, “Da Butt,” by Washington, DC, go-go band Experience Unlimited. The oldies twerk tune made Close the viral star of the night across social media, despite her loss.

The actress didn’t waste a minute, as she got up to demonstrate the dance.

“It was a classic song,” the silver-haired actress noted, leaving the audience in awe.

Some Criticized The Performance As Scripted 

ABC’s unscripted chief and alternative entertainment at Walt Disney Television, Rob Mills, said that Close already knew she’d be asked about “Da Butt”, however it was her choice to get up and show off the moves.

“It was certainly something nobody expected,” Mills told Variety. “I mean, that was not in any rehearsal of it or anything. I think that, again, shows that she’s sort of game for anything.”


The Los Angeles Times also added their own similar spin to the occurrence. The magazine reported that the dance was scripted. However, NBC News was told by Close’s publicist in an email that this is not the case.

“The quiz, as noted, was requested of the participants and partially scripted. The dance was NOT scripted,” the publicist stated. “I also wrote the reporter to testify that the dance was NOT scripted, happened then and there.”

The publicist continued, “I was (as) surprised as everyone else in the known universe.”

Close’s Nomination

The 74-year old actress was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category, losing to “Minari” star Youn Yuh-Jung. Her polarizing role as “Mamaw”, a grandmother, in “Hillbilly Elegy” didn’t manage to give her the winner’s title.

However, she hit a record, setting her eighth nomination from the Academy, automatically tying with remarkable actor Peter O’ Toole. Though in 2013, O’Toole did manage to achieve an honorary Oscar soon before he died at 81.

Twitter Sits Back and Adores Glenn Close  

Oscar lovers expressed their admiration to Close’s mini dance performance on Sunday through Twitter. Users left remarks calling Close their “hero”, but most importantly titling this moment as their favorite of the night.


Besides her loss, Glenn Close remains ICONIC in our hearts!

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