Explosive Grey’s Anatomy Finale Sends Meredith’s Home Up in Flames with Social Media Concerned

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Grey’s Anatomy is trending on Twitter as fans prepare to say goodbye to longtime fan favorite, Meredith.

The long running television show, Greys Anatomy, has been on the air since 2005. One of ABC’s flagship shows, the series won over viewers with lovable characters, wholesome stories, and heartbreaking situations. In the season 19 Fall finale, fans were met with one of these heartbreaking storylines.

The show has been carried since its first season by Ellen Pompeo, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey. Obviously the namesake for the show, Pompeo’s involvement is integral to the continuation of the series. Throughout its nineteen seasons, the series has followed the highs & lows of the Grey family’s life. And it’s no secret the family has been through a lot.

That’s why when the Grey’s home literally went up in flames in the finale, fans were hurting, & mourning with Meredith. In season 11, viewers were forced to say goodbye to Derek Shepherd. Shepard acted as Meredith’s partner and soulmate, so his departure from the series was crushing to many. After Shepard passed away in a car crash, Meredith’s house, and everything in it, was how she remembered her one true love.

This is why fans were all torn up over the Grey house burning down. 


But there is a bright side. Everyone in Meredith’s family came out of the fire okay. 

As heartbreaking as this episode was for fans, there’s no need to fear the end of the series just yet. In an interview with People, the show’s creator commented that there was no current end in sight for the show. It’s rumored that the show will continue as long as Pompeo wants it to. And that’s pretty obvious, there’s no Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey.

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