A Look Into The Rapidly Growing “Female Led” NFT Market

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Photo: Tyler Sanders/What's Trending

In March of 2021, a Non-fungible token (NFT) of a colorful virtual home sold for 288 Ethereum (Eth.), equating to a sale of just over $900,000 USD in today’s market, making it one of the first and most notable transactions among the female NFT market.

Krista Kim, who is the creator of the Mars House NFT, came into the NFT space in mid-2020 after coming up with the idea to make 3D replicas of modern houses. “Mars House is a sneak peek into the future, as the first 3D digital home that can be experienced as an immersive experience in augmented reality…Artists are expressing what it means to be human in the digital age through NFTs. Soon we will adorn our lives with NFT art, fashion, poetry, music, collectibles, and interactive experiences using A.R. technology,” Kim told Vogue in a 2021 interview.

On Feb. 15th of 2022, an all-female NFT creator panel, featuring five of the industry’s biggest talents, was held in Hollywood, California. The panel was made up of industry executives such as; Nicole Behnam, who moderated and hosted the panel, Rebecca Reid, who founded The Audrey Mouse Project, a female empowered NFT program, Holly Wood, who is the Head of Creator Relationships for NFT marketplace Rarible, VÉRITÉ, who is American singer and songwriter turned NFT creator, and most notably Nadya Tolokonnikova, who is a Russian political activist and conceptual artist.

The panel started off the discussion by emphasizing the rise of females in the NFT space, and how the growing community is starting to make a difference by making potential and current NFT buyers aware of who actually creates these digital masterpieces. “The main difference between NFT’s and crypto is that Bitcoin and Ethereum are both fungible and replaceable, like a penny, but this artwork, which is minted onto the Blockchain is unique,” Behnam told What’s Trending.

These female leaders’ work has been so vastly recognized among the community, that even the pinnacle of cryptocurrency trading, Coinbase, often tweets about their work.

Ironically VÉRITÉ, told What’s Trending “80% of my audience are male.” Just goes to show how much of a reach these artists have.


The panel ended the discussion by saying “whether we’re talking to a man or woman, look it’s good to have a women on your side, plus your helping another woman…use every selling point you can.”

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