Guests Take Plunge Into Water When Roaring Rapids Ride Malfunctions at Six Flags Over Texas

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More than a dozen guests at Six Flags Over Texas found themselves in a precarious situation on Sunday, June 23, when the Roaring Rapids ride malfunctioned, causing several riders to take matters into their own hands and abandon their rafts.

According to a spokesperson from the Arlington theme park, a raft on the popular water attraction became stuck in the midst of the ride. Park officials instructed guests to remain seated while they worked to restart the ride. Fortunately, all guests managed to safely exit the ride without any reported injuries.

Video footage shared on TikTok by user Jeff Erson captured the tense moments of the malfunction. The video shows multiple rafts—colored yellow, green, and red—clustered together, blocking the flow of the ride. In a dramatic turn, two guests are seen jumping from a yellow raft onto a structure in the water, followed by a younger rider plunging into the rapids. One of the riders struggled momentarily in the water until another guest and a ride attendant intervened, assisting them to safety near a dock.


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In response to the incident, the spokesperson emphasized that despite the unauthorized exits depicted in the video, all guests ultimately made it out of the water safely with the assistance of park staff.

The Roaring Rapids ride, which has been a staple at Six Flags Over Texas since its opening in 1983, boasts a thrilling experience where riders navigate simulated whitewater rapids. Each raft accommodates up to 12 passengers and requires a minimum height of either 36 inches when accompanied by an adult or 42 inches to ride alone. The attraction, known for its unpredictable water currents and twists, lasts approximately four minutes and 45 seconds with a top speed of 15 mph.

This incident is not the first at a Six Flags amusement park involving ride malfunctions. In June 2021, two guests were hospitalized at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey following an incident on the Saw Mill Log Flume, where their log reportedly tipped at an angle, causing leg and arm injuries. Similarly, in August 2022, the El Toro roller coaster at the same park temporarily closed after a malfunction at the end of the ride resulted in five riders being hospitalized with bruises.


Six Flags Over Texas has not provided additional comments beyond their initial statement regarding the Roaring Rapids incident. The park remains open and operational, with safety protocols being closely monitored and enforced.

The last incident at the park included a death on one of the popular roller coasters back in 2023.

The ride, known as the Texas Giant, had woman fall to her death while riding the RMC hybrid wood and steel coaster.

The attendee, Esparza expressed concern, according to witnesses, about her lap bar not being secure. Several other witnesses on social media immediately after the incident said it appeared her restraint either broke or came loose. Investigators have yet to confirm it though.

He was screaming “My mom, my mom — we’ve got to get my mom… she’s gone,” according to multiple witnesses who were next in line to ride the roller coaster.

A year after the tragedy, Esparza’s family filed a lawsuit seeking $1million in damages. Six Flags denied “each and every” allegation, The Beaumont Enterprise reported.


The family settled with the theme park and the German ride marker for an undisclosed amount in November 2014.

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