Harrison Ford Trends on Twitter as People Show Their Support Towards His Beliefs on Climate Change

"Nature doesn't need people. People need nature."
By Savannah Moss

Recently, a video from 2019 of Harrison Ford speaking at the Global Climate Action Summit has made its rounds on Twitter, causing Ford to begin trending on Twitter. When he began to trend, many were anxious as they believed there was another celebrity death, like Betty White, Sidney Poitier, and most recently Bob Saget have all passed away in dates close to each other.

Harrison Ford’s speech

Though the video was not recent, it began to trend as what he was saying remains true in 2022 about climate change. In his speech, he urges people to “stop giving power to people who don’t believe in science.” The video was posted from NowThis and has a moving message about the detrimental effects of climate change. In the speech, he calls it the “greatest moral crisis of our time” and believes that “those least responsible will bear the greatest costs.”

Twitter’s response

Interestingly, though the video itself is a few years old, many still relate to the topic, causing both Ford and the video to trend on Twitter again. After they were revealed that Ford was still alive and well, many tweeted their support for Ford, noting that they stood with him and believed he had a great message that we should listen to.

However, Ford did not trend without consequence or controversy. Many pointed out that Ford owns multiple airplanes, meaning his carbon footprint might be higher than the majority of many people. They also noted that in an interview from 2010, he said he used his private jet to go to his favorite hamburger place.

However, since these comments were made in the past and Ford’s comments about climate change and the rainforests are more recent, it is fair to note he might have cut back on his flying hobby. Either way, many still believed that Ford’s thoughts on climate change were still valid, regardless of his actions.

Overall, many were glad to see that Harrison Ford was not trending due to anything harmful unless counting the effects of climate change mentioned in his speech.