Harry Styles and Gucci Designed a Menswear Collection

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Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Harry Styles

Announced today, Harry Styles and Gucci designer Alessandro Michele created a collection together, entitled “Ha Ha Ha.” Apparently, the two have been friends for quite some time and their shared love for passion brought them together. The Gucci collection is based on their similar passion, as they would collaborate by sending each other different pieces of fashion they liked or admired, signing it off with “Ha Ha Ha.” According to Vogue, the two “have a similar predilection for a British sartorial silhouette from the ’70s, that kind of eccentric aristocratic taste that transitioned into the bizarre wardrobe of pop royalties at that time.”

In his conclusion, Michele says that “this collection is a true act of love.” The collection has a vintage feel due to the trench coats with checkered patterns on them and different kilts. The collection also embraces childhood symbols like rabbits, hearts, and even teddy bears featured within the collection. “Fashion is like surfing on life, it’s like the revolving doors of a grand hotel, and it makes sparkles fly like when you were a child,” he said in his conclusion.

With this news, many fans were very excited to see a first look at the collection, which is reportedly available in October. Many fans have noted Styles as a fashion icon, especially recently and fans often attempt to be just as fashionable when attending his concerts. So, a fashion collection co-designed with Gucci seemed right in his ally. Rolling Stones described it as “with Seventies-style silhouettes and boho prints mixed in with British-inspired patterns and classic men’s tailoring. ”

Overall, it seems that the collection celebrates the fun and childlike elements with the beloved fashion taste of Styles and Michele, which many enjoy seeing.


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