Harry Styles Announces His New Album “Harry’s House” and Twitter Could Not be More Excited

Twitter fan's were incredibly close to guessing Harry's newest album.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Harry_Styles | Instagram

Harry Styles announced his third album, Harry’s House, today and Twitter could not be more excited about it if they tried. These last few days, many fans on Twitter were conspiring and looking at clues pointing towards a new Harry album, and they were pretty much almost right. Many on Twitter theorized that the album would be called “You are Home” as a new Twitter account entitled this, which Harry follows, surfaced a few days ago. Styles is known for these kinds of clues, as he once hinted at the release of his single “Adore You” when he made up a city called “Eroda” that ended up being the place he filmed the music video for the single.

Styles was also recently in his hometown London, filming what looked like to be a music video. Today, he announced his new album coming May 2oth, but it is called “Harry’s House.” So, fans were correct that he was most likely pointing towards a new album, and they were very close to calling the name of the album. But, now people are wondering what the first single will be, and will it be called “You are Home”? Styles announced the music video, but not a single yet, so fans are still wondering where “You are Home” comes from.

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Whether or not there is a single titled “You are Home,” fans are still delighted to be getting a third Harry Styles album in just a few months. Though the album was barely announced, Styles is, of course, trending on Twitter as fans anticipate the new album. They also look back on Harry Style’s past albums, wondering how the newest one will fit in.

Trending number one worldwide, it is clear that Styles has quite the grip on Twitter users. Some mourned the end of the Fine Line era, Style’s second album that was released shortly before the beginning of the pandemic. Overall, there seems to be a lot of hype and anticipation to what Style’s first single will sound like and when should we anticipate it dropping?