Harry Styles’ “Late Night Talking” Music Video is HERE

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Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Harry Styles’ long-anticipated music video for “Late Night Talking” finally debuted and fans are thrilled. This music video is from Styles’ second single from the album, “Harry’s House” which definitely did not disappoint excited fans. And, almost even more excitement came after seeing Styles’ have so many wonderful pairs of pajamas, featured throughout the music video.

The video received over 383,000 views within the first minute of being released. This is impressive, but unsurprising, as Styles is a well-beloved musician. The music video for the song, which is upbeat and fun dancing to, features Styles as he visits different places from a portal in his bed. The video is very fun and whimsical, and carries on with the 70s fashion Styles has been known for as of late. It was also directed by the same collaborators, Bradley and Pablo, who directed his iconic music video for “Watermelon Sugar.”

Fans loved the music video and the visuals along with it and believe it was definitely worth the wait. They also compared it to the first single from “Harry’s House” and the music video accompanying it, as this one was definitely more upbeat and happy to watch.

So, it seems the music video was definitely another success and was as entertaining and aesthetic as his previous music videos. “Whether you like it the song or not, something that you can’t deny is that all his videos are super unique and original,” one person wrote.


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