Harry Styles Releases “Harry’s House” and Twitter is Excited.

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The day finally arrived: the release of Harry Styles’ 3rd album: “Harry’s House.” The album’s only single “As It Was” came out at the end of March, and ever since, fans have been excitedly waiting. Harry Styles began trending on Twitter, along with the name of the album and some of the songs from the album that fans found particularly special. In an interview with NPR, he describes the album and his definition of home by saying “While this is such a personal album, and so much about my own journey finding a place of home, I also feel like it’s very much dedicated to my friends.” It’s safe to assume that fans enjoyed the personalness of home and what it means within the album.

Many fans immediately felt drawn to one of the songs “Matilda.” Styles says that the song is about “your right to protect the space around you and be protective of yourself and look after yourself. I think it was a moment where it’s not necessarily my place to make someone else’s experience about me, but it’s just wanting to reassure them that I was listening.” One fan wrote that “Matilda is sad, very sad but it is also comforting, hearing someone say that it’s okay and you don’t have to be sorry that it’s okay to let it go…it means so much.”

Fans also discussed “Little Freak,” a song many thought would portray Styles’ song “Kiwi” but ended up being sadder than what fans previously expected. “Me thinking little freak was gonna be the next kiwi but then getting my feelings hurt,” one fan commented. “This album feels like when you arrive home after being away on a family trip and opening your rooms door and jumping on your bed and smelling all of your smells you haven’t smelt in a week the pile of clean clothes you left on your chair the candle you left uncovered,” another person noted.


Already, not even 24 hours after the album’s release, fans dubbed the album a “masterpiece” as they discuss their favorite songs or what the album already means to them.

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