Here’s What To Know About Bluesky

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BlueSky, Twitter, Jack Dorsey

Bluesky, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s latest endeavor, is looking promising. Dorsey infamously stepped down from Twitter amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which ultimately led to multi-billionaire Elon Musk purchasing the social media giant. Since Musk’s takeover, the platform has seen numerous tech and ethical issues.

Bluesky is currently still in beta testing, and remains on an invite-only system with a waitlist. Users are sharing that the platform looks a lot like Twitter’s original format, which Dorsey helped create. The true test of Bluesky’s success lies in the technicalities, and tech experts are already combing the terms of service for holes.

Twitter’s Issues

Notably, the company opted to abandon the legacy verification program. Under Twitter’s original guidelines, celebrities, journalists, media organizations, and government officials could provide information that confirmed their identity in order to verify their accounts. Under Musk, only Twitter Blue remains. Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that allows for customers to edit their tweets, and receive the once-coveted blue check mark of verification.

Cost aside, the lack of verification based on merit has already created a host of issues. Many journalists feel that Twitter Blue allows for a wider spread of misinformation, as now, anyone can be verified.  The verification change combined with a more lax approach to combatting hate speech is driving users off by the droves.

Many are holding out hope that Dorsey’s endeavor will usurp Twitter. The successful tech entrepreneur had the power to start Twitter from much less, so some feel that it is entirely plausible for Bluesky to also become a hit.


Given the invite-only scheme of the platform thus far, Twitter users are sharing memes asking the internet for invites.

Elon Musk is yet to comment on Bluesky. It is unclear whether Dorsey attempted to reach Musk before going ahead with the new site. An official public launch is to be announced.

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