Here’s Why Twitter is Convinced We Live in Modern Day 1984

Ministry of Truth is trending on Twitter.
By Savannah Moss
Image: Getty Image News / Kevin Dietsch / Staff

In a House Judiciary Committee hearing today, The Department of Homeland Security’s decision to create a board that surrounds misinformation. Now, this announcement from the secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has caused quite the outrage on Twitter, as “Ministry of Truth” trends, a reference from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. But, since the board was just announced, many are saying that the outrage is coming too soon, as it is not clear what the board intends to do. It was first mentioned by Mayorkas to combat Russian misinformation or human smugglers. But, in a time when many are concerned about their right to freedom of speech, many seem to be fearful that this is another indication that freedom of speech is under attack.

But, it is not yet clear what the board intends to do, especially since it was only just mentioned. Still, many are concerned that this is an indication of what is more to come from President Biden, including stricter rules pertaining to freedom of speech. Some on Twitter were asking the GOP to step up, especially after Florida Governor Desantis says that they will be “fighting back.” A Missouri Senator said that it was designed to “monitor all Americans’ speech.”

Ironically, some are pointing out that many are happy to censor freedom of speech when it comes to banning books, which often happens in states like Florida where people claim to be pro-freedom1  of speech. And, Orwell’s 1984 is one of the books that is often challenged or banned at schools or libraries.

Overall, it seems that many on Twitter absolutely believe we are living in the times of a dystopian novel, especially as the Ministry of Truth continues to trend on Twitter throughout the day. Many

are also saying that this is only the beginning of what else is to come, which has some a little bit skeptical.