“He’s a 10 But..” Trend Explained

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Image: @Hailey_Erdman | TikTok

If you’re seeing people say things like “He’s a 10 but…” or “she’s a 4 but…” you might be a little confused. Basically, the trend taking over both Twitter and TikTok right now discusses what might make people more attractive to them that may not be physical attributes. For example, someone might be a 10 physically, but if they’re mean to their mom, this might be a nonphysical trait that makes someone less attractive. Often, people will do the trend as a game with their friends as they figure out what things might be deal-breakers for them.


he’s a 10 but… #hesa10but #girlfriends #guys #funny

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Many of these videos of girls doing the trend have gone viral. One girl said that “he’s a 10 but he has a photo of him holding a fish in his Tinder bio,” which many women have noted is a reason some people will swipe left. Both of the girls immediately said that he would be a “1.” Other examples include being a Gemini, and having a lot of girlfriends.” In contrast, some people said what makes them more attracted to a man. For example, a girl said “he’s a 6 but he wears his hat backward” which caused his rating to inflate to an 8 or 9.


Should we do a part 2? #hesa10 #hesa10but #fyp #foryou

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Some of these end up being quite random, like not flossing ever or having a spotless apartment. Some noted that this could be a toxic trend, as it places people on a scale or gives them a “number.” Some might think this is sexist, as the trend had a lot of women rating and discussing men. But, there were plenty of men in the trend as well, so some thought that it was just a discussion of how plenty of non-physical traits can make you more or less attractive, it does not all just matter on looks.


Overall, many engaged in the trend to discuss what they find attractive or what might push them away from someone. Some found it refreshing to see a trend that did not inherently focus on physical attributes and focused on other things that people had a better chance of changing.


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