Nasty! UK Hoarder Left Over 6,000 Cans Left Over A Pile Of Feces In Apartment

Hold your breath lads!
By Christian McBride
Kennedy News and Media
Kennedy News and Media

A UK tenant is every landlord’s worst nightmare leaving behind mountains of trash and so reported piles of feces? Yuck won’t even describe what Freddie Gillium Webb, 29, told Kennedy News.  Freddie is a local waste management employee in Hampshire and was the unlucky one tasked with cleaning out this miniature junkyard. As Freddie walked through the trashed apartment, he recorded video showing just how bad it truly was.

Every step he took was over a heaping pile of garbage and you could even see cobwebs forming over beer can that seem like they haven’t been touched in years. Hold your breath for this one guy, “The bathroom toilet had never been flushed and instead toilet paper and excrement had seemingly been carefully piled up in a leaning tower of poo-sa four feet in the air. Freddie was forced to spend almost 30 hours across three days clearing out the property and was sick multiple times in the process as he waded through the appalling mess.” (per daily mail).

Can you imagine getting sick cleaning out all the slop and gunk left behind and spending over 30 hours on it that’s 10 hours a day most of your day covered in filth. Tops off to Freddie Gillium of Hampshire. Freddie concluded his video with the apartment coming out almost spotless, it’s even hard to recognize the way cleaned up so well. Freddie told Kennedy news, “The tenant might have had depression and he probably had a drinking problem based on the number of cans you need help sometimes but you can’t live like that, there’s no excuse for it to get that bad.”

It took Freddie 10 bottles bleach just to relinquish the smell even after all of it was cleaned up. The landlord apparently had been attempting to reach the tenant for months and had no luck. He stopped paying his rent and the landlord let him slide by without paying.  Just for him to move out on his own merit and left a gritty message behind. “I might have left a bit of a mess”.