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Fans are trying to save beloved pop icon Britney Spears from her conservatorship by communicating via secret messages in her social media posts, creating and signing petitions, rallying, and spreading awareness on social media.

The hashtags #freebritney and #savebritney are just a few of the ways fans are spreading awareness to save their favorite popstar from her conservatorship. Concerned fans deem the conservatorship to be unjust or unnecessary because she is stable enough to be working as much as she has been for the past 10 years. This type of guardianship is saved for those who can not care for themselves, mentally or physically, which fans point out can not possibly be Britney. Spears has put out new music every two to three years, played shows, and appeared as a guest judge on the TV show “The X Factor”all while she has been under conservatorship. 

Fans believe Spears’s father, Jamie Spears, is using the conservatorship to exploit his daughter, whose net worth is estimated to be 59 millions dollars. Jamie Spears has claimed that Britney’s mental health is not stable enough to control her own life. 

Diet Prada took to Instagram on July 13th showcasing a 5-slide post (reposted from @dirty2000s) about Britney’s conservatorship and why it is imperative that she gets out of it. Since then, fans believe Britney is sending hidden messages with her social media posts. In one photo on Instagram, fans claim that they can see “call 911” in her lower eyelashes. Fans have tried to communicate with Britney directly, asking her to wear yellow in her next video if she needed help. Britney then posted a video showcasing a floral arrangement from her florist, where she is indeed wearing a yellow shirt. Because of this, fans are convinced the singer has been pleading for help.  

And Britney’s fans aren’t just stopping there. Multiple petitions are going around created by fans to help her. This one is calling for an investigation into the conservatorship and this one is fighting for Britney’s right to her own lawyer. 

Fans in LA have planned a Free Britney Rally on July 22 in order to end her conservatorship.

Instagram accounts are being created to help spread awareness of Britney’s legal situation with handles such as @freebritneymovement, @freebritneyspearsnow, @freebritneyglobal, @freebritneynyc. 

Britney has yet to publicly comment about the #freebritney movement, although she did post a picture on Instagram with the caption “I get how some people might not like my posts or even understand them, but this is Me being happy….” although fans are not convinced there isn’t more to the story.