How TikTok Celebrated the First Day of Spring: Deep Cleaning, Tulips, and New Fashion Trends

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Image: @gardeningwithgoo | TikTok and @tianaa11 | TikTok

In case you were somehow unaware, yesterday was the spring equinox, meaning that in the Northern hemisphere, spring returned. Although some might be too allergic to pollen to enjoy this season, many eagerly awaited longer and warmer days, especially during icy months. Because of this, #spring began to trend on TikTok even before it was officially the new season, as people began to highly anticipate the change of weather and everything that comes with it. Here is a quick look at how TikTok celebrated and anticipated the return of spring.


I’m in the process of curating a spring Pinterest board so that I can go thrift all the items #spring2022 #springtrends2022 #whatimwearingthisspring

♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

Many began shopping to wear for the new season and weather, while also providing what they will be wearing in 2022 and giving other users inspiration who might not have had the time to shop yet. Many fashion TikToker’s also participated, giving people a heads up on what might be trending for this upcoming spring 2022. Some also did this with makeup or nails. If the seasons are changing, why not also get your nails done or switch up your makeup routine?  Others celebrated and got ready by “spring cleaning,” which often refers to a deep cleaning where people might donate things they might not use and spend extra attention to cleaning areas they might have neglected in the last few months.

And of course, how can you celebrate the first day of spring without plants and gardening? Many showed off their gardens that they had renovated by landscape drainage services Glen Ellyn, especially since a lot of gardening begins with the change of seasons to be ready to harvest in the fall. Similarly, some showed off the flowers they picked up at the grocery store or nearby flower shop, often tulips or peony’s, which are known to be flowers that bloom in the spring.


Smells like #FirstDayOfSpring ????

♬ original sound – Kerry Washington

Overall, it is probably one of the most wholesome hashtags on TikTok at the moment, as people unite to show off how they are celebrating spring. It is especially wholesome knowing that many suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, meaning that many’s depression becomes worsened due to cold weather or short and dark days. Many noted that with a little bit of sunshine and warmth, their spirits were uplifted, which is something we definitely need more of.


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