How to Spot a Legit Psychic

don't get scammed out here
By Andy Lalwani
Photo: Alina Vilchenko

If you need some guidance in your life, whether it’s a job or relationship issue, a psychic may be able to help. Psychics have a long history of using their extra-sensory powers to guide, advise, and help people. Unfortunately, not all of them are authentic. Some people claim to be a psychic medium but are no more psychic than the average rock. 

Psychic imposters abound, both online and offline. Anyone can call themselves a psychic and advertise their services. A psychic medium doesn’t need any qualifications and it’s hard to verify whether the information given at a reading is accurate, until what is foretold actually comes to pass. 

Read on to learn how to sort the fakes from the genuine article.

Read Reviews

Doing your homework is crucial if you want a psychic reading. Psychic readings are available online these days, which means anyone can consult a psychic without leaving their home. While this is very convenient, it also makes it harder to spot when a psychic is not being sincere. After all, if you pay for a text reading or one via email, you can’t check the body language of the person doing the reading.

One way around this problem is to read online reviews and verify what a site offers. You can compare psychic reading sites on Top10, which aims to list the most trustworthy sites with good reviews. Always read reviews before paying for a psychic reading. If a lot of other people say the psychic is shady, you may as well just throw your cash away. 

Word of Mouth Recommendations

A word-of-mouth recommendation is worth a lot. If someone you know has been to a psychic and has lots of positive things to say about them, chances are they are the real deal. If you want to book an in-person psychic reading, ask your friends and family if they can recommend someone. While some people are naturally skeptical of such services, chances are at least one person in your circle has visited a psychic or used an online psychic website.

Ask them about the experience and whether they would recommend the person or site. If the answer is yes, it is worth trying it for yourself. 

Don’t Be Fooled by Bling

Legitimate psychics tend to be unassuming people who you might pass on the street and not notice them. While some online psychics do like to cultivate a brand, if you visit a psychic and they are dressed up to the nines like Gypsey Rose, don’t expect a genuine reading. That said, some people do have an eclectic sense of style, so it isn’t a deal-breaker.  

Asking Too Many Questions

A genuine psychic medium doesn’t need to ask hundreds of questions to get to grips with your issue. They have a connection with the spirit realm, which will yield information without much input on your part. You might be asked to select some tarot cards or provide a personal object for the reading, but you won’t be asked lots of probing personal questions or receive a lot of vague, generic answers that could apply to anyone. 

If a psychic is asking you a lot of questions, not telling you anything other than generic things, and it feels like they are telling you what you want to hear, it is probably better to end the session and walk away. 

There is Too Much Chatter

Genuine psychic mediums are listening to the spirit world while giving a reading, which means they won’t have a lot to say apart from the information they relay from the “other side”. This is a space where you can talk about the important issues, while the psychic listens. When a psychic is more interested in chatting or offering scary predictions about what might happen if you don’t buy a charm from them, they are likely faking it.

They Seem Manipulative

Fake psychics will try to manipulate their clients, so they can control the session and make sure you arrive at the conclusion they want you to have. A true psychic won’t do this. Instead, they will let the session progress naturally. They won’t put words in your mouth or suggest a definite outcome for a problem. Genuine psychics know that nothing is set in stone and the future can and often does change because we all make choices and some things are out of our control. Their job is to help you find answers through gentle guidance. 

Finally, it’s never a good idea to consult a psychic when you are dealing with major problems. Fake psychics are far more likely to take advantage of you if you are vulnerable. Take note of everything above and use this to help you find a real psychic medium with genuine talent. They are out there!