How Twitter is Celebrating #InternationalWomen’sDay

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In case you weren’t aware, March 8th is International Women’s Day! The first time this was celebrated was in 1909, created to celebrate women and the fight for equality. The celebration falls in the month of March, which is also International Women’s Month. Over the years, women have gotten together to fight for equality. In the 1900s, many gathered together and rallied to fight for the right to vote and own property. As the years went on, and women were given rights they should have had in the first place, the celebration of women and diversity continued but is definitely different in the time of social media. Though the fight for equality not just in America continues, the celebration of diversity and womanhood has definitely changed. Today, International Women’s Day trended all day long in the top five, so here are a few ways people participated on Twitter.

Many celebrated by posting photos of themselves and their friends, while others posted quotes about their favorite historical women or favorite historical moments coming from powerful women. Some even celebrated with their favorite fictional characters, like Katara from Avatar The Last Airbender or Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy.

Others also talked about their experience as a woman and the injustices they might have experienced. Harriet Hunt, a 2x Nasa Intern, posted that she was once told by a classmate in her chemistry class that she would never work for NASA, and that was when she decided to become an engineer.


A surgeon opened up on Twitter that 12% of transplants are women and that she encourages representation and hopes to change the twelve percent to fifty percent. “Surgery needs you, patients need you,” she tells her Twitter followers in her post, hoping to use the holiday to encourage women surgeons.

Overall, many on Twitter were excited to celebrate women of all kinds and appreciate this diversity, and was incredibly uplifting to see women uplifted and celebrated.

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