Hulu Releases New Show Surrounding TikTok’s Favorite Family: The D’Amelios

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On Thursday, Hulu dropped the trailer for a reality television show detailing TikTok stars Charlie D’Amelio, who is 17, and Dixie D’Amelio, who is 20, entitled The D’Amelio Show. The show premieres on September 3rd and will revolve around the D’Amelio family and how they adapted to fame, providing an “unfiltered look at the family” according to Hulu. In 2019, Charlie became rapidly popular on TikTok for dancing, which caused her family to become popular as a result as well. The show will dive into the family’s lives, most likely bringing them even more into the public eye than they already are.

Marc D’Amelio, the father of the two TikTok stars, explains that they are “trying to have fun and make sure social media doesn’t destroy our lives.” The trailer describes how Charlie D’Amelio became on TikTok incredibly fast, which in return made her sister Dixie and entire family famous as well. Dixie describes how she began to pursue music and how there was incredible pressure on her since she already had an audience judging her. The show is intended to provide a closer look at how the family operates. Their mother, Heidi D’Amelio, explains how she attempts to keep the girl’s lives as normal as possible despite their growing TikTok fame, explaining how behind social media they are just normal girls.

The trailer provided a sneak peek of what would be discussed on the show, which seems to be the behind-the-scenes of the girl’s lives, the different dramas that the girls face, and how the family deals with the sudden fame that the girls received. Not only will the D’Amelio family be included, but also different TikTok stars such as Quenlin Blackwell and Dixie’s boyfriend Noah Beck. The response from Youtube was popular, with people commenting that the show is something that they are excited to watch, even if they were surprised that it seemed interesting.

People praised the show for focusing on more than just drama since most people are used to reality shows wanting to showcase and focus on drama instead of the real aspects of mental health.


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