An Indian Influencer Is Being Charged for Faking His Own Death

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Iffy Khan in dtrouble with the laws

An influencer that goes by the name Iffy Khan in India is being arrested for faking his own death. Khan took to his Instagram with a video of him sitting by the train tracks and texting a girl who is breaking up with him. Out of despair Khan leaps in front of a moving train or at least edited to appear that way, plummeting to his death. The video gained him 44,000 followers and watchful eye from the authorities. “Khan, who has close to 45,000 followers on Instagram, was arrested on July 25th at his home in Bandra, an upscale coastal suburb in Mumbai, reported by Hindustan Times, an Indian news outlet”, (Per Insider)

The video insinuates promotion for suicide attempts which is extremely not okay. Khan may have just been doing this to promote a certain message or gain popular attention to his social media platform but the overall message behind is video landed him with charges. Khan was charged under section 336 Indian Penal Code

1: committing act to endanger the lives of others and himself and section 188 for disobedience of order. And section 505 publishing or circulating any statement containing a rumor or alarming news with the intent to incite to commit an offence, and under the Indian railways acts for nuisance and trespassing (per vice).

Khan spoke with Vice World News defending his claim as to why he made the video. “I made it for entertainment purposes. It was a mistake. My intention was never bad or to encourage people to die by suicide.” His video was reposted to a twitter user, and it got over 300,000 views catching a lot of good and bad attention.


Khan says the video’s initial intention was to raise awareness about suicide but admits he went about it the wrong way. Share your thoughts in the comments what do you think? Should Khan be punished or was the punishment a bit extreme?

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