Influencer Claims to Find Used Sanitary Pads in Her Package From Amazon

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Posted by Ava Louise, who is @notavalouiise on TikTok, reported that her Amazon package containing jewelry that she bought also had used sanitary pads and blood in the package. Many people were quick to call Louise out for wanting attention, as she went viral last year for licking an airplane toilet seat.

In the video, she notes she is posting it because she believes “Amazon needs to be held accountable.” She explains that when she opened the package she smelled a terrible scent and found three used sanitary pads and blood smeared inside the package. She posted follow up videos as well, explaining how she is not the first person to report this issue and how she has since obtained a lawyer, who is advising her to make a police report. Louise also notes that she contacted the customer service representatives, who gave her a refund and 10 dollars. Many are stating that since blood is a biohazard, a refund and a 10 dollar credit will not suffice. Louise has also posted different people’s stories of their own horror stories with Amazon deliveries.

Amazon’s Response

Amazon has since denied this and said that in an internal investigation, the claims were found to be false. Many know Louise to lie for attention, as she was known for starting a rumor that spiraled between an alleged affair between Jeffree Star and Kanye West. Seventeen magazine called her the “queen of fake news.”

Louise responded to Amazon claiming that the allegations were fake, asking how a company would be able to launch a full fledged investigation in only two days. She also continued to reiterate how many people have complained about the same things before and recieved little to no attention and how this should not be brushed under the rug. She believes that Amazon is using her controversial past to sweep this under a rug. One person commented how she is the personification of the childhood story of the little boy who cried wolf, which seems to be fitting in this situation. Louise has posted several videos on the situation, each gaining thousands of likes and views.


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