Influencer Poses at Holocaust Memorial and Horrifies Viewers.

This is so wrong.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @influencersinthewild | TikTok

A viral TikTok from the notorious page @influencersinthewild, shows a TikToker posing at the Holocaust Memorial in Germany. Many found this video incredibly offensive and even the poster wrote “Don’t do this, ever.” Allegedly, the influencer is German and is shown sitting on a concrete slab and posing for a photoshoot.


Don’t do this, ever #influencersinthewild

♬ original sound – Influencersinthewild

The original video has over one million likes and almost 30,000 comments, all essentially agreeing on the same thing. In the video, a person says “I’m horrified beyond words” which many seem to agree is the common theme when watching the video. Though it is not banned to take photos of the memorial, many were upset to see that it was used as a photo prop or something to post on Instagram, instead of using it to remember the millions of innocent lives taken during the Holocaust. The memorial in Berlin is officially called Memorial to the Murdered Jews and is 200,000 square feet.

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Many who have visited the memorial comment on the eerie stillness or quietness when visiting, and the fact that someone would use it as a photoshoot or do anything to lessen the seriousness was bewildering to them. One person noted, “Notice how everyone is staring at her because it is so disrespectful.” Though the internet is notorious for having mixed reactions to controversial things, all of the comments seemed to be in agreement that this was incredibly disrespectful and also tasteless.

Image: @influencersinthewild | TikTok


When visiting something as serious as a memorial for victims of such a terrible event as the Holocaust, it is probably to leave the selfies to another day. Though taking photos to remember the event is perfectly fine when done with respectful intentions, using the photos as an “aesthetic” or to make you appear in a better light is something that is simply not appropriate for memorials like this one.