Influencers Cody Ko and Kelsey Kreppel Announced Their Engagement and Twitter is Thrilled

Congrats to these two!
By Savannah Moss
Kelsey Kreppel | Instagram

Yesterday, influencers Cody Ko and Kelsey Kreppel announced their engagement, and Twitter is beyond excited for them. The two have been dating for quite some time now and post hilarious videos of them reacting to the Internet’s weirdest corners. After announcing their engagement, Twitter began to trend as people posted their excitement and happiness for them.

Who is Cody Ko?

Cody Ko, who first began on the app Vine, is known for his hilarious Youtube channel and co-hosts a podcast with Noel Miller called “Tiny Meat Gang.” When Miller proposed to his long-term girlfriend Aleena a few months prior, many were anxiously awaiting for Cody and Kelsey to become engaged as well. Ko, whose Youtube channel has almost 6 million followers, is known for reaction videos where he watches bizarre trends on the internet and responds, with his most popular videos with Miller being those entitled “That’s Cringe.”

On his personal channel, Ko creates videos with his now fiance, where they react to things together, which many are a fan of. So, of course, when they announced their engagement, many on Twitter were ecstatic. Since many enjoy watching the couple on Youtube, they were of course happy to see that they would be married.

Parasocial relationships?

An interesting discussion surrounding parasocial relationships has come up recently on the internet. A parasocial relationship is defined as a one-sided relationship where someone seems to extend energy and time in someone, while the other person does not know them. Typically, this happens due to social media and celebrities, where fans keep tabs and seem to root for their personal lives as if they know them personally.

Many joked that this is what many experienced when the two announced their engagement, as fans were celebrating not only for them but seemingly with them, as well. Ko and Kreppel had lived together for some time and raised a dog together, so many were not surprised that they would be taking this next step in their relationship, but still happy for them nonetheless.