Instacart Driver Goes Viral After Sharing Emotional Delivery Story

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A TikTok user and Instacart driver named Jessica posted a video that now has more than 16 million views where she shares the message if you see something, say something. Jessica went on to get emotional when sharing a story about how she was doing a grocery delivery for an older man ordered by his daughter.


Try watching this without crying (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @Jessica Higgs) #viral #instacartdriver #deliverystory #whatstrending

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When she went to deliver the groceries, something told her to not just leave them on the porch and to go inside and check on the older man.

 Jessica acknowledged that while yes, this is something she isn’t supposed to do, she did it anyway and in doing so she noticed that the older man did not look well. She then went ahead and messaged the daughter who ordered his groceries to let her know it might be due to a propane gas leak.

The daughter thanked her for the message and gave her a $100 tip. The next day Jessica received a comment on her Instacart account from this woman thanking her for saving her father and younger sons life.

Jessica understandably ends the video letting her emotions out.



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