Instacart Shopper Calls Out Customer For Lying About An Item Being Missing From Their Order

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An Instacart shopper made a TikTok that has now gone viral calling out a customer that lied about an item being missing even though it had been delivered, and as a result, her rating has gone down. @angelicaa_castillo explains in the viral video how she had been checking her order summary page, only to happen upon a customer claiming an item had not been delivered when in fact it had, and Castillo had taken photos of the groceries she had bought and delivered. “The first couple of months I never took pictures of anything, until I saw another TikTok user talk about this exact situation, so I make sure to document each day,” said Castillo. “I didn’t know that there was a different side to Instacart where customers are just like shady and report stuff wrong when that’s not really the case.”

Castillo also didn’t know that customers got free things when they report something wrong. In the photo that she shares in the video, we can clearly see the item that the customer alleged was missing, which was two salad dressings. “Here it is, right there, the green caps. Your salad dressing is right there but you reported it missing.” The video received over 72,000 views and comments, and many of the comments expressed their immense disappointment in the customer’s actions and then praised Castillo for keeping tabs on her deliveries. Many of the comments expressed how they have had similar experiences. “Yes I am a shopper too and I can’t stand when customers do that,” one user commented. “I got someone saying I took baby food this is crazy my rating has gone down cause of these lies and I’m tired of it,” another TikTok user commented.

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