Instagram Is Working on A New App To Compete With Twitter

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Instagram, Twitter, Elon Musk, Linda Yaccharino
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Instagram is now entering the Twitter race. Since billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s takeover of the social giant in 2022, Twitter’s ethics and efficiency have both been tested. From the removal of legacy verification to the implementation of Twitter Blue, the controversial company moves are driving thousands of users from the platform, and causing company stocks to drop.

Given Musk’s own personal controversies allegedly tarnishing the app’s reputation, he opted to step down as CEO. NBCUniversal’s Linda Yaccharino will fill his shoes, while he takes over as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive Chair of the company. Amid the countless internal shuffles at Twitter, competitors are emerging.

Twitter’s original founder, Jack Dorsey, is currently beta testing Bluesky, an app that functions very similarly to Twitter’s original model. Today, Instagram announced plans to enter the same space.

Instagram’s Ideas

The Bloomberg report that confirmed the app’s existence did not release specific details. Instagram slated the Twitter competitor for a summer release, but it remains unnamed. The social giant is working towards developing a text based app that can still support images and videos, essentially the same organization as Twitter.

Instagram is also in talks to collaborate with Mastodon. It is unclear if the company plans to buy Mastodon altogether. The latter has become a social platform favored by journalists, many of whom lost their professional verification badges amid Musk implementing Twitter Blue as the only option for verification.

Social Media Reactions

Naturally, the users of these platforms had a lot to say. As fed up with Twitter’s recent decisions as some users are, some plan on sticking it out on the original platform.


One Twitter user raised the point that competition among the major social media apps might be unnecessary. All have implemented countless changes since their respective inceptions, and each still boast thousands of users.

Others are open to new solutions like Bluesky or the unnamed Instagram project, as they could offer more traditional verification models and protections against hate speech.

Why The Competition

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri is yet to comment further on the company’s intention to compete with Twitter. However, Instagram’s cofounders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are additionally launching a new platform entirely. The pair sold Instagram to Facebook in 2012, and continued working within the company until 2018. Vox reported that the app, called Artifact, functions like a “TikTok for Text”. Systrom stated that the goal for creating such a platform was to solve the “existential crises” facing the news industry.


The duo are yet to comment on Instagram’s latest announcement, which could compete with their Artifact endeavor.

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