Just to remind you, he just threw a giant birthday party last week...

TikTok star Bryce Hall had a rude awakening this week when he woke up to no power during a heat wave in LA.  Kind of sounds like first world problems if you ask us…but he actually might be onto something. He has since decided to use his stardom to raise money for the homeless in LA. 

21 year old Bryce Hall has been facing a lot of backlash recently brought on by the fact that he has been continuously throwing large parties in LA amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Now he is finally facing the consequences of his reckless actions. 

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Mayor Eric Garcetti was not having any of this and ordered the city to shut off Hall’s utilities. Garcetti stated that large parties like those Hall was throwing can spread the virus and put the whole community at risk. Hall was quick to take to Twitter to express his frustration, and so were his fans. 

Someone ironically made a GoFundme for the star, to “raise money for the innocent and one of the most progressive activists in Los Angeles so he can shower.” Man, people really do have a lot of time on their hands. But this was kind of funny. The fundraiser has actually raised $79 dollars, so that’s something. 

After a little soul-searching, Hall decided to use his TikTok fame for good use. He announced earlier today on Twitter that he would be donating “a portion of” his upcoming merch sales to the nonprofit No Kid Hungry. The organization’s mission is to end hunger in children across the country. 

But of course, people are quick to judge. Hall received a lot of backlash on his tweet.

This user summarized what a lot of fans were thinking. It seems like fans wish that Hall would use his platform more effectively and lead by example. Everyone is over his TikToker charm now that he has made so many reckless decisions during the pandemic. 

Others still applaud his efforts and take his offer to donate to a nonprofit as a sign he has grown and learned from his past behavior. 

So what do you think? Does Bryce Hall need to do more to make up to the public for potentially endangering them? Is it enough to donate a portion of his merchandise proceeds to a non-profit? Will he ever get his power back, that’s the real question.