Is Taking Business Digital Really More Sustainable?

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Sustainability is huge in business now and describes the impact companies have on their local community, the environment and society around them. The overall aim is for companies to reduce any negative impact they have in these areas and contribute more positively towards them.

More and more organizations have realized the importance of operating sustainably in recent years and have refined their practices accordingly. This is not only due to their own understanding of how crucial it is but also in reaction to the growing interest from consumers around the subject.

How can brands engage with it? 

This has led brands across all sectors to start focusing on being more aware of the effects their actions have and take a more sustainable business approach. This has caused many brands to invest in organizations that contribute positively to society. 

Of course, many businesses across all sectors are looking at the online world in terms of being more sustainable too. As a result, the shift towards digital business is picking up pace across the board as a way to operate in a more positive fashion. 

But can taking business digital really help? 

Online stores a plus 

Online stores and platforms are one obvious benefit that taking business digital has for sustainability. This is because operating your business online sees you using up fewer resources and having less impact on the world around you than opening a physical office, shop or premises. 

If we look at retail stores as an example, opening up an online store is better in terms of being sustainable than opening up a physical shop. You do not have to build the shop physically to begin with, which eliminates the air pollution this might create and the energy needed to power tools and machinery.


In addition, online stores and workplaces help to reduce the number of people having to commute in for work or shoppers having to physically travel. This is better for the environment and also the local community, who might not like the extra traffic. Physical stores also use up lots of energy each day to run, while this is not something online sites have to worry about. 

Although this is a specific example from one industry, it is easy to see how opening up online can help in other sectors and is a great tip for doing business more sustainably.

Online meetings

While people will always be interested in the coolest gadgets to try out or the latest celeb news, more and more consumers now are socially and environmentally conscious. 

Digital meetings are worth focusing on because they eliminate the need for people to travel in person to attend them. This naturally cuts back on the number of cars on the road and reduces the emissions being pumped into the atmosphere. 

It also means less paper being used to print off agendas or minutes, which are common for in-person meetings. Online meetings can also be a lot more accessible, and everyone who needs to can attend. This helps businesses act more responsibly in terms of their ethical commitments. 

Working from home

Working from home is something most of us are familiar with now. As with online meetings, this relies on digital tech within business (such as VoIP telecoms systems or email) and is a more digital way of approaching things. But how does it help with sustainability? 


As with online businesses versus real-world ones, it cuts back on people commuting into work and also removes the need to heat, illuminate and power large office spaces. This helps businesses use less energy and do their bit for the planet. 

Many people also prefer working from home and it enables people to work who might not be able to operate from a traditional space. This is very good for companies that wish to operate in a more responsible manner. 

Social media can help

The large social media sites are widely used within business for marketing purposes. But did you know these digital platforms can also be handy for firms looking to contribute more positively to society or the planet?

To begin with, marketing your latest offers via social media means less paper-based marketing material being produced and delivered. In terms of the local community, it is also a great way to engage directly with them and getting their views on any new plans you might have. 

Is taking business digital really more sustainable?

When you look at the various ways in which taking business digital can help, it is clear how it can boost sustainable practices in the commercial world. Although digital ways of working still have some impact in terms of sustainability, it is fair to suggest that these effects are usually less than traditional ways of doing business.

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