Is the Creepy Killer Clown Craze Happening Again?

Killer Clown Sightings are terrifying communities once again.
By Najla Alexander
Creepy Killer Clown Craze Happening Again!?!
Photo: @killerclownss2021| TikTok

2021 has been a year for all kinds of big and strange events to take place, now there have been creepy killer clown sightings! Yes, clown sightings are back remember the 2016 craze? Well, now since the sightings are back it is frightening people more than ever especially with how close we are to Halloween.


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Back in 2016, this craze was born when clowns were reportedly trying to lure children into the woods causing a whirlwind of arrests and sightings across the states. Causing schools and businesses to go into a panic where they banned anything that resembled a clown costume due to many colleges going into lockdowns because they believed armed clowns were on their campuses.

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TikTok has been surging with videos of people sighting these clowns in very public places, bringing up the 2016 reports on when these clowns started popping up and trying to lure children into the woods.


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In places like Singapore and Minnesota, there have been multiple reports of individuals dressed clowns loitering around schools and public places causing this clown mass hysteria once again. Parents becoming terrified about bringing their children to school.

People have been scared of clowns since they got turned into horror figures, especially due to the author Stephen King who introduced Pennywise ‘the dancing’ clown to the world. People fear the unknown because you never know who or what is under that mask and all that makeup. Not knowing their true intentions make them that much more frightening.

If this craze continues once again remember to stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings, even if it may be presumed as a joke always be cautious and trust your intuition.