Italian McDonalds’ Have Such Unique Foods And These TikToks Went Viral For It

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Image: @CaseygWilliams | TikTok

TikTok’s showing unique foods items being sold in Italian McDonalds’ have gone viral, and people are so invested. Viewers were surprised to find out that you can get a small 280-gram bar of parmesan cheese, with it being called “Snack di Parmigiano Reggiano on the Italian menu. TikTok user @_amberjs posted a video captioned “Things in Italian McDonald’s that just make sense” and it just showed the block of parmesan cheese on the ordering machine inside the restaurant. The video alone now has 3.3 million views, making it her most viewed video.

Screenshot of the comment from McDonald's
Image: @Amberjs | TikTok

Many people wanted her to post a video of her trying one but she revealed that she had flown home before she got the chance to do so. The official McDonald’s account even got in on the fun, commenting “when in Rome”


Italia???????????? #italy #mcdonalds #traveltok #thingsthatjustmakesense

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Aside from Amber’s video, other creators have been going viral for the unique foods Italian McDonald’s has, saying they aren’t available in other locations. TikTok user @caseygwilliams posted a video of her sitting inside a McDonald’s, rating the different snacks they had to offer. This video garnered 3.6 million views and is now her most viewed video. Some of the items in the video were pastries stuffed with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, called Panzerotti. And then for dessert, a muffin filled with Nutella, the Italian chocolate-hazelnut spread, called “McCrunchy bread with Nutella”. She gave both items high scores, with the panzerotti at a 10/10 and the McCrunchy Nutella bread, a 100/10.


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People from around the world were fascinated with these menu items, with people from Germany and Africa commenting on how their menu items were different and they didn’t have these ones, ultimately wishing that they did. Another TikTok user @lionfieldmusic posted a video of the duo sampling the block of parmesan cheese in Italy. The video has over 18 million views. This wasn’t the duo’s first time trying the Italian menu’s food, they’ve also reviewed various other items such as the macarons and tiramisu. These items at the Italian McDonald’s all look so good and it’s so fun that McDonald’s tailors their menus to each specific location.



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