Jeffree Star’s ‘NFL Boyfriend’ Starts an Internet Frenzy on TikTok

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Beauty influencer and makeup artist Jeffree Starr is causing a stir once again. Known for his brutally honest product reviews and many controversies throughout his career over the course of the late 2010s, Starr recently returned to review a new L’Oreal mascara after makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira was accused of falsely advertising the product.


The truth about the @mikaylanogueira lash scandal ❤️ PS. My stitches and duets are turned on. #lorealtelescopic #jeffreestar #makeupreview #mascara

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But that’s not the only reason Jeffree is now the current star of TikTok. A series of theories about who he may be dating after the beauty guru posted photos of an infamous “NFL boyfriend” are circulating on social media. There is currently only one openly gay football player in the NFL, Carl Nassib of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Nassib is currently in a relationship with Olympic swimmer Soren Dahl, leaving him out of the equation. The internet took this as an opportunity to theorize about who the next gay NFL player could be.

This all started when the Star teased a photo of what seemed to be a romantic relationship with an “NFL boo.” In the tweet, fans saw Star making his way back to Wyoming from Los Angeles with another set of legs beside him on his private jet.

The feet in question were wearing Vans, and had everyone studying hard to figure out who this man could really be. Fans were even getting so deep into this that they were guessing even the knee height of this mystery figure. People even looked at freckles on the hand to compare which NFL player this really could be.


A few days later, the mogul with over 13 million followers on Instagram published another post showing off how tall this boyfriend really is. The caption reads “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom.” The mystery continued, as fans now hunted down NFL players matching his height and hair color, despite not seeing the man’s face.


Jeffree Star dating a new man? ???? Just enjoying my time w a new boo #romance #nfl #jeffreestar #wyoming

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This threw NFL player Justin Herbert into the mix, but some tried to debunk this theory.


Replying to @lovelyphx666 Who is the NFL player with Jeffree Star part 2 @jackmacbarstool

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People also brought up Henry Anderson, who plays for the Carolina Panthers. He was brought into the mix because because of the shape of his ears, but some others shut that one down. Another chimed in on Star’s post saying “Idk I’m a hairdresser and researching the other comments and judging that swirl in the back of his head along with the fade.. My bet is Cole Kmet.”


#stitch with @jessicagolich THIS IS MY GUESS ???? 6’6” tall glass of water honey in the words of @jeffreestar oh hiiiii ???????? #jeffreestar #colekmet #nfl #myguess #foryou #newboo #inspectorgadget #imjealous @jackmacbarstool #ReadySetLift

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Other NFL fans chimed in with team colors, saying it could be the Browns, Broncos, Bengals, Dolphins or Bears since the man is wearing orange in Star’s Instagram and TikTok post. One user stated “Jack Conklin and Ethan Pocic are the only white, 6’6 players.” 

Due to all of the internet investigation, everyone was on edge. Star shared an instagram message of what seemed to be Henry Anderson’s wife Saryn Anderson sending a warning message to the YouTuber. She stated “I’m getting harassed bc my husband is in the NFL and ppl think it’s him. Please stop.” To which Jeffree responded saying “Don’t be so insecure, I don’t mess with married men.”

This story is developing, and the secret boyfriend is yet to be unveiled.

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