Jenn Tran Named Bachelorette for Season 21: First Asian-American Lead

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Jenn Tran on "The Bachelor".
Richard Middelsworth/Disney

Jenn Tran is getting a second chance at finding love as she has been named as The Bachelorette for season 21.

After fans discovered that Joey Graziadei got engaged, Jess Palmer recruited season 20 bachelorette Charity Lawson to break the news on Monday’s finale of The Bachelor.

“I can say that our next bachelorette is someone who is intelligent. She’s witty, she’s fun, and she’s super kind. And personally, I want to see a lot more of her and I can only hope that out of this experience that she’s getting ready to embark on that she really does find true love,” Charity gushed before announcing that Jenn would be succeeding her as next season’s leading lady.

Jenn Tran on "The Bachelor".
Jenn Tran on “The Bachelor”. Photo: Abc

After making her way on stage, Jenn admitted she felt “overwhelmed” by the announcement and acknowledged she’d have “big shoes to fill” as she embarks on a new journey to find love. In terms of what she’s looking for her forever partner, the physician assistant student revealed she’s on the hunt for a guy with a “big personality” who’s capable of “cheeky banter” and “take it as much as they can dish it.”

When Jesse asked Jen about her hopes in the next season, she admitted she does indeed want a “ring on my finger.”

“I hope I find my person someone that I truly feel like is 100% — my perfect match and someone who I’m compatible with someone who he and I can have fun,” she explained.

To the men who will vie for her heart, she said: “This experience is absolutely crazy and all I can hope is for them to really open up their heart to this because that’s what I did and I got so much out of it. You know, it didn’t end the way that I wanted to, but I grew and I learned so much from it … I really hope that they ready to have some frickin fun.”


Jenn Tran and Joey Graziadei on "The Bachelor".
Jenn Tran and Joey Graziadei on “The Bachelor”. Photo: Disney/John Fleenor

Jenn also reacted to making Bachelor Nation history as the first Asian American bachelorette.

“I feel so so grateful and so honored to be the first Asian bachelorette in this franchise,” she smiled, noting how she failed to see proper Asian representation growing up and felt “boxed in” because she never imagined she could be a leading lady.

She also went on to admit, “And now to be here today saying in this position being like I am going to lead my own love story, I am going to be the main character in my story — like I just can’t help but think of how many people I’m inspiring.”

The Bachelorette is set to premiere later this year on ABC.

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