JoJo Siwa Reveals Candance Cameron Bure As “Rudest Celebrity” She’s Met

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Rachpoot/MEGA/GC Images and JoJo Siwa

A recent TikTok trend involves people exposing themselves (and sometimes others) as they show photos of who they have crushes on, like, or dislike as quickly as possible while also giving some room for people to guess. Recently, JoJo Siwa participated in the trend, where she revealed her celebrity crush as Zendaya, the nicest celebrity she’s met as Miley Cyrus, and the rudest celebrity as Candance Cameron Bure. In the quick moment, where you can miss it if you blink, fans were able to decipher who it was.

She does not share her reasons behind why, but Siwa did attend the “Fuller House” premiere in 2016, so some people speculated the encounter could have happened there. But, after some digging, fans pointed out she also met her more recently in 2019 on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Some wondered if the bad experience had occured here. Siwa did not give any details, which some people were desperately asking for. “Imagine how mean Candace Cameron Bure must be because Jojo Siwa literally grew up knowing Abby Lee Miller and still said Candace is worse,” referring to Siwa’s former dance teacher on Dance Moms. 

Siwa also seemingly called out Nickelodeon, who did not invite her to the Kid’s Choice Awards recently and caused controversy as some suspected it was due to her being open about being gay. In the video, she says the celebrity that did her the most dirty was Spongebob, a Nickelodeon show, which seemed to be a cheeky refrence to the entertainment program.


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Although fans were looking for the tea on what happened with Siwa and Bure, she only gave a little and has not made a response despite people contuining to ask what the story was. Still, many assumed it had to be something bad for her to expose her and not mention her former dance teacher, who was notoriously awful to her on television.

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