Kanye West Returns to Instagram After Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Broke Up

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At the bottom of the page, he adds “Kid Cudi meant to play funeral but fearful of bottle throwers,” referencing a recent performance from Cudi who left the stage after being hit with items thrown at him from the crowd, during the nine months of Davidson and Kardashian’s relationship. West was clearly unhappy with his ex’s choice of partners and often posted about the two, and even went so far as to mime kidnapping and burying Davidson in a music video.

Of course, his response began to trend online as West has not been posting as much on the app. Known for his erratic posts and even sharing private messages between him and his ex-wife Kardashian, he took a break from posting on the app.  Although at first the coupling of the two seemed a bit odd, and possibly forced for publicity at first, the couple seemed to grow on audience members, and their split was a bit abrupt and shocking.

Many people also joked about the possibility of Pete Davidson trying to rekindle the relationship after her now being single. There are rumors about this, coming after Kardashian took place in a Yeezy campaign. But, according to sources, this is untrue and only shows Kardashian’s willingness to support West. According to the sources, the two are dedicated to co-parenting and want to make the transition as easy for their children. And although some found West’s post humorous, many found it unsurprising that he would comment and some even labeled it as “childish.”


“8 am and he acting like this… Ye the definition of waking up and choosing violence,” one person joked online. So, with the ending of Davidson and Kardashian, some are wondering if West’s dislike of Davidson will continue.

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