Kathy Griffin Announces She Has Lung Cancer and is Met With Strange Backlash

Wishing Kathy Griffin well.
By Savannah Moss
Photo: ABC News

Earlier today, Kathy Griffin announced that she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on Twitter. She writes “I have cancer. I’m about to go into surgery to have half of my left lung removed.” She notes that though she has never smoked before, she still has Lung Cancer. She also writes that the doctors are optimistic since it was caught early and is contained to only the left lung.

Many responded with this quickly with well wishes, especially because of how sudden it was for Griffin to post quickly before her surgery. Many wrote things about Griffin’s resilience, noting “Cancer doesn’t have a chance.” However, due to Griffin’s controversial past, some were not so quick with their well wishes.

Griffin’s controversial past

In a recent interview with ABC news, Griffin’s past is explored and how it relates to her current Lung Cancer diagnosis. Griffin notes how in 2020, she was struggling with an addiction to pain medicine and even attempted suicide. Though Griffin explains how during her career, spanning over decades, she had been banned from certain shows, her biggest controversy came in 2017 after she had a photo shoot that depicted her holding a bloodied mask that resembled former president Trump. Though Griffin’s comedy was known for being “in-your-face,” Griffin experienced major fall out for the photo shoot, deeming that it went too far. She notes that her and her family were subjected to death threats, which later contributed to her addiction to pain medicine.

Though Griffin believed she would never be able to overcome that period of her life, she did, and is now faced with her newest obstacle: Lung Cancer. As mentioned, many were quick with their support for Griffin.

However, some were deeming that Griffin’s experience with Lung Cancer is a good example of karma, especially since Griffin made tweets joking about Trump’s experience with COVID-19.

Some noted that the people that were claiming Griffin’s tumor was from karma were Christian and were quick to explain how that is hypocritical.