Kayla Nicole Offers Words Of Encouragement For Young Black Women Amid Ex Travis Kelce Backlash

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Fashion influencer and sports broadcaster Kayla Nicole was in a relationship with Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce for five years. The couple quietly ended their relationship in 2022. In recent months, reports emerge that Kelce is now in a relationship with Grammy winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, with Swift appearing at two of Kelce’s games thus far.


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Kelce and Swift’s romance rumors began when sparks flew at his home stadium of Arrowhead, when he attempted to hand Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it at her concert. The burgeoning relationship has captured the hearts of the internet, but some have turned sour against Kayla Nicole.

It was previously alleged that Kelce cheated on Nicole during their relationship, and that he additionally had her split costs on many things throughout their relationship. Kelce later denied both of these claims. Now that the NFL tight end is rumored to be in a relationship with Swift, some of Swift’s young fans have harshly criticized Nicole, despite her silence on Kelce’s new relationship.

“There is power in your silence. And you can use the same silence to quiet the noise,” said Nicole. “The rage of the world is loud.”

Social Media Response

Nicole’s video is being widely praised by women, with criticisms against her being condemned. Nicole made numerous public appearances with Kelce throughout their relationship, but kept intimate details private, and has not spoken on his relationship with Swift.


Many are specifically praising Nicole’s uplifting message to young Black women, which was made without directly referencing Kelce or Swift, or putting other women down in the process.

Many are taking the situation to explain the concept of misogynoir, or misogyny (the hatred of women) specifically directed towards Black women.

Many of Nicole’s critics appear to be confusing her with Kelce’s previous ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry, who he was matched with on the E reality dating show “Catching Kelce.”

Benberry has spoken to TMZ alleging that Kelce cheated on her, though her claims have been widely discredited amid a screenshot of an insulting comment she liked about Taylor Swift. Benberry’s former friend and fellow contestant on the show, Lexi Noel, alleges that Benberry frequently lied about various factors in her life, and that Kelce was nothing but polite to all of the women on the show. Additionally, she alleges that the pair’s relationship only lasted for a month past the show.



but I got smarter I got harder in the nick of time honey I rose up from the dead I do it all the time I got a list of names and yours is in red underlined I check once then I check it twice #traviskelce #taylorswift

♬ original sound – Lexi

Elsewhere, many criticize Black men who continue to hurl derogatory insults at Nicole for dating a white man and ending the relationship.

Neither Kelce nor Swift have addressed the harassment of Nicole at this time.

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