Ken Of ‘Barbie’ Is Getting His Very Own EP With Four Versions Of ‘I’m Just Ken’

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Ryan Gosling‘s Ken from Greta Gerwig‘s “Barbie” captivated audiences this summer with his outlandish humor and “I am kenough” sweatshirt. Now,  Gosling is keeping Ken’s dream alive, and plans to release an EP of four different variations of the movie’s song “I’m Just Ken.” The actor famously recounted that his inspiration for accepting the role was born from discovering his daughter’s Ken doll face-down in the garden of his family’s home, which motivated him to give Ken more of a backstory.

Now, as “Barbie” rakes in Golden Globe nominations and courts Oscar buzz, some suspect that Gosling is actually eyeing a future Grammy award. The Christmas version of the track received an accompanying music video, and the rest of the EP is a collaboration with acclaimed producer and musician Mark Ronson.

Others were simply impressed at Gosling’s singing abilities. The actor previously offered musical performances in the critically acclaimed musical dramedy “La La Land” opposite Emma Stone.

Some simply find it hilarious that Ken is finally having his moment in the year of all things pink, Barbie, and Taylor Swift.


Despite the initial praise of the EP drop, some raise the conversation of whether Ken’s comedic and musical stylings actually take away from the intended central messages of “Barbie”–the importance of sisterhood in a patriarchal society and intersectional feminism.

He’s Just Ken

Some question why the Ken content continues to come from the “Barbie” team when the women in the film were intended to be the true star players.

Others even went as far as to say that they have had kenough of Ken.


From a musical standpoint, some argue that the track did not warrant an entire EP of remixes outside of the Mark Ronson collaboration.

Critics argued that the female side characters in the film who are pivotal to driving the plot and portraying the Barbies in different walks of life did not get as much of a spotlight on them despite their role in the initial marketing campaign of the major blockbuster.

The “I’m Just Ken” EP continues to now place the film under a new microscope. Upon further viewing, some feel that Ken’s character development was placed too far at the center of the film, to the detriment of Barbie’s.

Despite the constructive criticism, women viewers at first had largely positive reactions to Ken’s storyline, finding it relatable to the pressures of toxic masculinity placed on young men and the evolution of friendships between people of different genders from childhood to adulthood.


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Regardless of the Ken commentary, the film is widely regarded as an introductory crash course on contemporary feminism and the patriarchy at large. “Ken the EP” with music from Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson  is out now on all streaming services.

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