Kevin Hart Is The Internet’s Newest Meme

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For a reason unbeknownst to many, comedian Kevin Hart found himself trending on Twitter today. For years, his most expressive photos have been utilized as a form of meme referred to as a “reaction pic”. The photos are often paired with humorous pop culture or satirical political references. Today, the internet decided to return to the art of the Kevin Hart meme, for reasons that the comedian can not comprehend himself.

Despite his initial confusion on the trend, Hart couldn’t help but laugh at himself over it. Stock images have been a format for memes for nearly a decade now, but Twitter thinks that Kevin Hart memes may dethrone the tradition.

Some find the sheer volume of photos available of Kevin Hart to be the meme in itself.

The photos of Hart were paired with countless different captions far and wide. Most of the images featured Hart lost in thought.


Even amid the phenomenon, social media users remained just as confused as Kevin Hart himself.

Particularly, a photo of Hart with his hands up was paired with captions about being confused or needing an excuse to get out of something.


Others captioned the photos in reference to dating and relationship troubles.

Previous to today’s Twitter storm, clips from Kevin Hart’s several film roles and red carpet appearances began circulating on TikTok in a video meme format.


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♬ sonido original – My soul ????????

Even a clip of Hart learning of popular boy band One Direction’s breakup way later than everyone else resurfaced.


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♬ Collide (sped up) – Justine Skye

Hart’s memes just might de-throne the Pedro Pascal memes that have also begun trending this month. Pascal’s meme was a series of photos of his character in The Last of Us experiencing chest pain from anxiety, coupled with humorous captions about the stresses of daily life.

If one thing has been proven by the Kevin Hart and Pedro Pascal trends, it is that the internet simply never has enough memes.

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