Kim Kardashian “American Horror Story” Casting Met With Mixed Reviews from Fans

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Kim Kardashian, Celebrity
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Media personality and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has been cast in “American Horror Story.” The show will enter season 12 with a new show runner and head writer to replace Ryan Murphy. Playwright and actress Halley Feiffer, of “The Good Wife” “Ugly Betty” and “Bored To Death,” was recently announced to fill Murphy’s shoes on the popular television show.

Kardashian shared the teaser trailer on her Instagram account, to the surprise of fans and fellow entertainment industry celebrities. Singer-songwriter Noah Cyrus commented “deceased.”

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Kardashian’s Casting

While Murphy no longer serves as lead writer and show runner, the “AHS” co-creator continues to executive produce the series. Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter that Feiffer had written a “fun, stylish and ultimately terrifying role especially for Kim, and this season is ambitious and unlike anything we have ever done.” Murphy previously departed as the primary show runner in 2018, opting for a deal with Netflix over 20th Century.

Kardashian and Murphy are personal friends, and Murphy also told the outlet that Feiffer began crafting her role after seeing her “Saturday Night Live” performance. Kardashian has made several acting appearances throughout her career in media, but this will mark her major television debut.

The upcoming season will also be the first in the anthology to rely on additional source material. In this case, the season will be loosely based on the upcoming novel by Danielle Valentine, “Delicate Condition.” The novel’s storyline has been dubbed as “the feminist update that ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ needs.”


Fans of the long-running horror show are excited for the unprecedented casting and the perspective of a female writer. Murphy, while highly acclaimed and successful, has also found himself at the center of criticism. Notably, his Netflix series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” attracted critiques over what some viewers feel is the glamorization of serial killers.

The Return of Emma Roberts

In addition to Kardashian’s casting, actress Emma Roberts was also confirmed to return to the series. Roberts has been a longtime collaborator of Murphy’s, and has appeared in several seasons of “AHS” and its spinoff “Scream Queens.” Viewers are sharing reaction memes on Twitter about the upcoming female-led season of the show.


Roberts’ return has many hoping for a “Scream Queens” reboot.

Roberts shared the same teaser to her Instagram account, where she was met with more mixed reactions. While fans were excited to see Roberts return to “AHS,” some don’t have faith in Kardashian’s acting abilities just yet.

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While Murphy and Feiffer have not announced an official release date yet, the pair confirmed that the new season of “American Horror Story” drops this summer.

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