Kim Kardashian Expands Skims Inclusivity With Men’s Line

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Longtime television personality and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has been receiving praise for the size and disability inclusive campaigns she has produced for Skims, her shape wear and loungewear brand. Now, Kardashian is taking it one step further by starting a men’s line.

In the announcement of the new men’s line, NFL 49ers defensive lineman Nick Bosa and Brazil national football club forward Neymar pose in the new clothing items. Many feel that the inclusion of the two pro athletes reflects a further shift in the recent intermingling between the entertainment industry and the professional sports industry, notably beginning amid the mass attention associated with Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce‘s relationship.

Many found the new campaign to be an excellent business strategy on Kardashian’s part, as it could reel in male customers who look up to the two athletes, and female customers who are newer fans.

Skims And Inclusion

The company was first launched in 2019, and has become increasingly popular since its launch after Kardashian expanded the size range. On the company’s website, models are seen wearing a wide variety of sizes, and the clothing additionally offers nude colored garments suitable for an extensive range of different skin tones. A few months ago, the brand moved to  include models with disabilities for Kim’s latest product launch–undergarments that allow people living with disabilities that limit mobility in their legs to dress themselves, known as adaptive clothing.


TikTok creators living with disabilities praised the product launch, as it is normalizing models with disabilities, and inviting other popular clothing brands to consider making more accessible clothing options. Conservative media personality Candace Owens was quick to criticize Kardashian’s brand choice, and several TikTok creators fired back at her negative commentary.


Candace Owens your ableist views are BEYOND unnecessary and out of pocket. Accessible & Adaptive fashion is NECESSARY and inclusivity is imperative. What @SKIMS has done with this line is NEEDED and your ableist nonsense is exhausting ???? – #skims #skimsadaptive #ableism #ableist #disability #disabled #disabilitytiktok #candaceowens

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Taylor Lindsay-Noel (@accesbytay) took to TikTok to explain the importance of understanding the need for inclusivity, specifically from able-bodied people who have not dealt with the same day-to-day challenges as people with disabilities. Noel went on to share that she was born able-bodied, and has experienced both ends of the situation.

Kardashian also previously unveiled a maternity line of Skims, which was also initially met with conservative criticism. The television personality continues to feature a diverse array of celebrities in various ad campaigns for Skims, ranging from alternative R&B singer SZA to rapper Ice Spice and actress Kim Cattrall. The brand has been praised for representing a wide range of skin tones in their nude garments and models, different body types, wide age ranges of celebrities featured in marketing campaigns, and models with disabilities.

Social Media Reactions

As usual, fans of Kardashian were quick to compliment her savvy business and marketing skills.


Others joked that she may have picked her own pro sports crushes as the models.

Kardashian confirmed that the men’s line of Skims drops Oct. 26.

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