“Krissed” TikTok Trend Fools People Into Believing Zendaya is Pregnant

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Taylor Hill/WireImage and @shesjustadig | TikTok

Right now, Twitter is in chaos after a rumor from TikTok claimed that Zendaya is pregnant. Right now, a viral trend on TikTok is “krissing” people by tricking them into watching a video of Kris Jenner from 2011. A user will post a fake fact, in this case, Zendaya being pregnant, and instead of showing the “proof” of the claim, Jenner’s video will appear, telling the audience they were just “krissed.” But, when the meme traveled from TikTok to Twitter with no context, some people genuinely began to believe that Zendaya was pregnant.



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Basically, to be krissed is to fall for a prank, and is similar to being “Rick-rolled.” And although Zendaya was not the only fake pregnancy claim, as some did the trend but used Kendall Jenner, the Zendaya rumor seems to be the only one that stuck online. Zendaya has been trending ever since, with people wondering if the rumors are true. One TikTok went as far as creating a fake photo of Zendaya posting about being pregnant.


The original Kris Jenner video is from a now inactive YouTube account shared by Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Although clips from this video have gone viral before in 2021, this is the first time it used this type of meme format. Eventually, even Zendaya clarified that the rumors were untrue. On Instagram, she said that rumors like this are why she prefers to stay off Twitter since people are “making stuff up for no reason weekly.”


She is not the only one who has been a victim to rumors on Twitter, so she is not wrong there. For example, rumors circulated on Twitter that A$AP Rocky had cheated on Rihanna, who was pregnant with his child at the same and has since given birth. Twitter also went into a frenzy about that, but it also turned out to not be true. But, it seems like these prank formats are incredibly easy to fall for, especially when creators photoshop “evidence.”

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