KSI vs Logan Paul: Who was the winner? Who KO’d in the final round? Will there be a rematch?

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KSI v Logan Paul was YouTube’s biggest event in all of its history. We’ve seen the hashtags, the constant promotion from the two YouTubers and their fans and most importantly, some very cringe worthy trash talks between the two. The event finally hit our screens last night, and it was definitely a shocking game that none of us were expecting.

The event took place at Manchester Arena in the UK, with over 21,000 people holding physical tickets to the event. Although, these weren’t the final figures for the fight, with streams across the internet attracting over two million people. Wow, those are some big figures, especially for an event that is solely based on social media stars alone. For those who wanted to watch the fight on YouTube, a $10 fee was payable before the fight started, in order to gain a ‘fight pass’. There were also pirated streams available on Twitch, which attracted the majority of viewers.

The YouTube Boxing Championship has been a highly anticipating event for quite some time now and building up to the main event between KSI and Logan Paul, that took place at 1pm PST, was a series of fights between other YouTubers, such as MOMO and JMX also taking to the ring. At around 12:30pm, the main event had begun, with the first fight being between Jake Paul and Deji aka ComedyShortsGamer aka KSI’s brother.


Both fighters were introduced by a short video, that had been shot ever so perfectly, that it could have been a cinematic experience. The videos documented their journey for this event, with many shots of them training being shown, to prove to people that they will be fighting at their peak performance after lots of intense training, and that this fight is about as real as it gets.



Paul was the first to enter the ring and wore a “F**k Jake Paul’ diamond encrusted chain, with a mask over his mouth. Deji entered in all red, with a simple black bit of material covering his mouth. In my opinion, they both looked silly, but what do I know about boxing fashion?

Cheers and boos across the crowd merged together into one big noise that flooded the entire arena, and as the fight began, that noise was brought to a silence. It was intense, it was unpredictable, and most importantly, it was so exciting. After a few minutes, Jake Paul was seen with a bloody nose, looking pretty bruised and tired, whereas Deji didn’t have a scratch on his face. However, Jake Paul was very quick with his reactions and after three rounds of throwing punches, Paul managed to take it home by catching Deji completely off guard.

Although the victory for Jake Paul wasn’t extremely well received in the area, Jake did not care, as he was seen screaming into the crowds with all his might, just like a lion when they take down their prey. However, Jake was being typical Jake Paul, and when speaking to commentator, True Geordie, he quickly mentioned about how well Deji played the fight, but then swiftly moved on from this to make sure that he mentioned his upcoming clothing line that is soon to be released. Everything is a money-making thing for the Paul brothers.


Also, in a very shocking and silly comment, Jake went on to call out Chris Brown. Yep, Chris Brown. Jake said that Brown was due to fight Soulja Boy, but hasn’t yet lived up to his words, so Jake Paul being who he is, challenged Brown to a fight, saying that he would take him down better than he took down Deji. Hm, not sure about that one, Jake.

Anyway, moving on to the main event, KSI v Logan Paul. Just like their brothers, the two were introduced to the ring by a short introductory video, that documented their journey leading up to the event. KSI’s was slightly scary, with many references to the devil being shown, as he is pictured with his eyes rolling into the back of his head, and the words ‘the nightmare’ being embroidered onto his boxing robe.

Logan Paul was also shown training very hard for the event, with a couple shots of him carrying a tree trunk shirtless. Did he think we were all going to swoon over him after seeing this? Because I definitely wasn’t. In all fairness to him, he did seem to train very hard and both YouTubers appeared to have taken this fight very seriously and have done everything they can to ensure that they will come out on top and be crowned YouTube Boxing Champion.

As Logan Paul walked out onto the ring, a diss track about KSI played, saying “KSI you’re about to f**king disappear, bitch you know you’re gonna lose” It was extremely petty, and very cringey, but you’ve got to get people talking and turning their heads somehow.

With Bruce Buffer’s most famous line “LETS GET READY TO RUUUMBLEEEE” the fight began. Although the fight began steady, with a few jabs here and there, it quickly escalated when Logan tried to get into KSI’s head, by mocking him and laughing at him. After a few little mocking terms, KSI was completely thrown off, and this is when Logan went in and made some pretty serious damage.

As the fight when on, you could tell the two were getting increasingly wearier, with lots of clobbering and holding each other down being the main method of attack. There was no defence at all, but a lot of reaction, which made the fight anybody’s game.

Each round belonged to a different person, so it was a very tough call when it came to finding out the winner. However, when Bruce Buffer came to announce the winner, fans and the two fighters were completely shocked, as it was announced that it was a majority draw. Like, seriously? All this build up and anticipation for it to be a draw? It was a deflating result after such a big build up.

After the fight, KSI spoke to True Geordie to give his opinion on the fight, but he was completely in shock and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It all seemed a bit confusing to KSI, but he then went on to challenge Paul to a rematch in Los Angeles. However, the rematch was already planned before the event began, so rumours of the fight being rigged have begun to flow amongst social media. But hey, this is all money-making thing, so we’re not surprised.


Overall, it was a great fight, with six hours of game time between a range of YouTubers from across the pond to our home nation battling it out against each other to see who really is worthy of being called a boxing champion. We think this event is one that will go down in YouTube history, and we’re extremely excited for the rematch in February 2019.

Who was your winner? Do you think the fight was rigged? Will you be watching the rematch? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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