Kyle Rittenhouse Trends on Twitter After Making a Meme out of His Tears at His Trial

This is not a good look.
By Savannah Moss
Image: Pool / JS translation missing: pool | Getty Images

Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old who was recently acquitted after fatally shooting two people during a Black Lives Matter protest that turned violent, is trending on Twitter for making a meme out of his trial. During his trial in November, Rittenhouse testified and said he shot in self-defense. During this time, he began to cry incredibly hard, where the judge inevitably called a break. Rittenhouse faced mixed reactions from this, from garnering sympathy to some who called it “crocodile tears” and believed he was faking. Now, he took the clip from the trial and pasted it over a gas station, referring to the rising gas prices “thanks to a Joe Biden presidency.”

Though Rittenhouse did not create the video, as he credits the creation to another Twitter user, many felt that this was posted in a poor choice. In the caption, he references Lebron Jame’s comment, who said he looked like he was eating the sour candy Lemon Heads during the trial, as opposed to crying. “No, it’s not Lemon Heads… it’s the burning hole in my pocket.” Of course, this began to trend on Twitter, as some thought that he was making a joke out of the video that many had already been making fun of. Others, however, felt it was inappropriate to use videos of him in trial for the deaths of two people. As usual, conservatives and liberals seemed to be the two dividing points on Twitter during this conversation.

Some felt that the usage of the video in order to make a joke felt wrong, and seemed to point to a lack of remorse to the trial, the victims, and the families affected. And, since the rising price in gas is attributed to the war occurring in Russia and Ukraine, many pointed out that it seemed selfish to complain about high prices when people were fighting for their safety. Others, however, felt that he had every right to use that clip since many had made fun of the video and claimed he was faking the tears and thought that the video was humorous and appropriate.

In the end, it seemed like there was no agreeing on Twitter, which was incredibly divided on views, which can usually be expected. After Rittenhouse was acquitted, there were dividing views on if this was the correct decision, so it would make sense that this would also generate controversy. Rittenhouse often uses his Twitter platform to discuss the media and how it acts or reports on current events, indicating that these debates are only one of more to come.