Lake Lanier Trends After People Discuss Latest Drowning

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Lake Lanier, an infamous lake just outside of Atlanta in North Georgia, trends online after another person, unfortunately, drowns in the lake over Memorial Day weekend. Although the person’s identity has not been released yet, NBC reports that “The body of the man, who was not identified, was then recovered by the county fire department.” But, the news began to trend online, as drownings occurring in the lake do not surprise people as it happens quite frequently, and with the rich history behind the lake, some people believe that the lake is haunted.

According to Georgia’s DNR, “Lake Lanier experienced 57 boating fatalities and 145 drownings between 1999 and 2018. From 2015 to 2018 alone, Lake Lanier saw 43 lake-related deaths.” In contrast, “Georgia’s DNR says that from 2015 to 2018, Lanier had 128 boating accidents. In comparison, during that same time span, Lake Allatoona experienced 66 accidents, Sinclair reported 16 and Oconee had 19.” In order to answer the question of why so many accidents have happened in the lake, some look back on the history. The lake, which was man-made, moved over 250 families and over 20 cemeteries, despite the residents fighting against this. Along with racial tensions in 1912 when the area forced out over 1,000 Black individuals and the removal of Cherokee people in 1830, many believe that the lake is haunted by a combination of events.

Some people have claimed that they felt like they were being dragged into the lake by ghostly entities, while others claim to have seen a ghost on the waters. Others say that the danger lies in carelessness, often coupled with drinking. Still, many claim that they have never swam in the lake and will never do so. “I have never set foot in the state of Georgia yet even I know about Lake Lanier’s reputation at this point.”


Even people who are not local to the lake or even anywhere near Georgia know about the haunting rumor, proving that the lake definitely has a reputation.

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